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Creating a successful company requires have a brand that folks will recognize as an authoritative voice in the correct niche. While there are many factors you need to consider when developing a new business, brand identity is one of the most important. Which is why at Willow SEO, we are proud to offer branding services as a part of our comprehensive online services.

In addition to helping new businesses to create the right identity, we are also experienced with overhauling existing branding that is not producing the results our customers desire. So, whether you are just starting or looking for ways to revamp your company, we are here to help you!

There are many aspects to developing a brand, well beyond the name of your company. For instance, did you know that the colors you use can have a profound impact on your success? The field of color psychology is used to make sure that your company is sending the right subconscious message to consumers. For instance, white indicates a purity while black can reflect class and style.

We will help you to figure out the best colors to reflect your brand. Along with this is logo design, which has a significant impact as well. The fonts, style and general iconography used will help to tell a story to folks, even before they click on your website pages.

Many company owners do not think about their brand strategy and story when putting together a business plan. Don’t worry, we can guide you in determining the best way to put together your message so that folks can relate to, and appreciate, the goods and services that you provide.

It is essential that your brand has a consistent message and voice? Do you know what that is? Even if you are a one-man show, you need to have a clear brand that is distinct from you personally. While you might have a great sense of humor and enjoy cutting up, if your business involves serious matters, your company voice needs to be serious. Otherwise, your prospective customers will not have faith in your ability to handle their practical needs. Think about it, would you hire an attorney whose website was filled with humorous jokes? Of course not!

We will begin with a brand audit, to determine the current messages your company is sending out, including those things like fonts and color choices that you don’t realize, are impacting your company. We will look at your marketing efforts and messages to see what consumers see when they come across your company.

From there, we will begin to develop a branding strategy that will enhance the effective parts and improve upon the rest. We will ask you questions and use those answers to help propel the project forward. For instance, do you know the real purpose of your company? Sure, you want to make money. But, how and why are important to understanding. Do you want to make people laugh? Are you interested in providing delicious meals at your budding restaurant or teaching folks an important skill?

What is your vision for the future of your company and what values are at the heart of what you do? Your business plan will likely have key bits of information that we can expand on when creating your brand identity. The company culture, including goals and values, should reflect what your target customers need to believe in you and your brand.

Once you have begun to develop your brand vision more thoroughly, we will ensure that every aspect of your presentation is consistent with it. This is the reason we provide comprehensive web services for our clients.

Rather than using multiple contractors to help you get your site and company on track, we can ensure that you have a consistent brand message through all of your online, and even offline, efforts. The development of your logo, color schemes, and brand message are all part of what consumers see. If you lack consistency, it will be difficult to gain their trust.

For instance, your web design needs to use all of these things in order to reflect your brand. By allowing Willow SEO to design your site and create content for it, you are sending out a clear image to consumers.

Consumers today are very savvy when it comes to marketing, and they do not like it when they think a company is attempting to trick them into making a purchase. At Willow SEO, our branding services are one way for you to present your business in a favorable light, while still promoting your company in a way that will make you money.

If you are ready to start building your company toward a successful future, contact us today. We will arrange for a consultation appointment to get started today!