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For businesses, the rise of social media has given rise to a golden marketing opportunity. With billions upon billions of people using social media on a daily basis, the various social platforms provide new avenues for businesses to engage their customer and clients, to promote their products and to grow their brand.

It thus comes as no surprise that social marketing statistics indicate that it is quite effective. For instance, a staggering 60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform. Furthermore, after the discovery of the product, 75% take action upon viewing the post. As for generating a following, statistics indicate that as much as 68% of Instagram users and 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly. Additionally, 49% of Twitter users follow brands.

It is little wonder that the social media ad spend in 2015 stood at 23.68 billion. The value of social media ads grew by about 6.9% in 2016 with even more growth expected in 2017. This growth trajectory is indicative of the increasing popularity of using social media platforms for commercial purposes. It is fair to say that businesses love social marketing.

However, even when spending on social ads, one thing is certainly clear. Success in using social media requires businesses to have a constant presence in their social media properties. This boils down to the fact that for any business that is looking to accrue the benefits of social marketing, engaging with their networks is paramount. Doing so humanizes a business or brand and thus enables a brand to grow by developing customer loyalty. Nonetheless, maintaining a near constant presence, let alone a constant presence has proved challenging for small and big businesses alike. Many businesses are only capable of dedicating a few hours a week to their social marketing platforms, which is not enough to generate tangible results.

We offer social media management services crafted to give such businesses a hands-off approach to their social marketing. This ensures that businesses that do not have the capacity and capability to handle their social marketing in-house. Still get a marketing service that meets their goals and needs for network engagement and brand growth.

Among the services that provide as part of our social media management services include:

#1. Audits – We provide this service to businesses interested in appraising the level of success of their social marketing efforts. Typically, the focus of this service is to determine the ROI that businesses have accrued from the money they spend on social marketing. Additionally, we delve into how effective the business has been using their social media properties to understand just how well businesses have been portraying their brands, and their products.

Our social media audit service ensures that businesses get a thorough understanding of where they have been failing. Furthermore, this service helps to point out growth potentials that the businesses in question can take advantage of.

#2. Marketing Strategy Development – As you can appreciate, any sort of marketing is only successful when guided by a comprehensive and result-oriented strategy. The same applies to social media marketing. Our clients can take advantage of our social media marketing strategy development service to come up with strategies that meet their needs. We determine how best to use social media platforms to ensure that our client’s goals and needs are met. As such we may result to using customer engagement, sponsored posts, social media contests, or any other social media strategy.

#3. Expertly Crafted Content – Part of maintaining a presence on social media is providing content to your followers. Our content development and content syndication services ensure that our clients’ social properties have high-quality services that inform, educate, and entertain their followers. Additionally, we post conversion-optimized promotional content for our clients with the intention of attracting new businesses for our clients.

#4. Network Engagement – This service is designed to ensure that businesses have a constant presence on their social media properties engaging their networks. We ensure that the queries our clients’ followers may have are attended to in a timely manner.

#5. Tracking And Analysis Of Results – With any other marketing endeavor, it is important to assess the effectiveness of social marketing with the intention of determining how effective a marketing strategy is in meeting the set target. We use advanced analytics and reporting to provide our clients with intricate knowledge of how well their properties are performing. This ensures that our clients understand how far we are in terms of implementing the strategy developed. It also helps clients understand where and when adjustments are needed.

Using these management services, we provide businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of the ever-growing social media marketing to steer their growth. For more information on our marketing service, feel free to contact us.