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Web design is crucial in establishing your online presence. Basic web design principles can have significant effects on the success of your business online. Presently, businesses can no longer rely on a simple HTML to create a website that converts. The evolution of the web as a whole has dramatically changed the way businesses prioritize quality web design.

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
As search engines continually become better at ranking websites based on the quality of their content, web design has increasingly become vital in SEO. Many metrics have highlighted the importance of web design on SEO, ranging from design details such as how object alignment determines how long the user will stay on the web page; to the core programming details that can affect the ability of search engines to properly rank the website.

The right combination of SEO and Web Design can tactically be used to improve your website’s performance. Of course, this should preferably be done by one company, in order to avoid synchronization problems, allow for effective troubleshooting, and make it easier to implement the necessary subsequent changes to the various aspects of the site without affecting the balance of its elements.
Your website is essentially the “online face” of your business. As such, the value of your web design will influence the perception of new and existing customers, and therefore increase or drive away traffic. A poorly designed website for instance, will look sketchy and just not right to a new visitor, and it’s highly likely that they won’t trust your business enough to buy your product or service. For this reason, creating a reputable online profile should not be ignored.
Web Design Combines Usability and Search
Quality web design is aimed at making your website appealing to both your visitors, and the search engines. It essentially combines user-centric and responsive design, and SEO strategies to create an excellent experience. The goal here is to make the website that can be accessed and used easily on just about any device, and ensure its pages are easily recognizable by search engines.

Responsive Web Design
Have you ever tried to view you website on other devices? How usable was it? Did it load as intended? Well, 2013 was marked as the post-PC era. Your website is no longer viewed solely on desktop PCs or laptops. In fact, smartphones and tablets have increasingly outpaced computers, both in terms of sales and number of users. As such, your clients and potential clients are more likely to visit your website via a smartphone, tablet, and other devices like large desktop displays, TVs, etc.

A responsive website not only makes your website look professional, but also help your visitors find what they are looking for much easily. Moreover, Google might also increase your site’s score in its efforts to provide users with a better experience, which is a win-win.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
A content management system allows you and other members of your staff to login and make some changes to the website. It’s quite a common feature, which essentially lets you manage various components and content on your website. Some of the most popular CMS platforms include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, and if you have used any of those, then you have an idea of how CMS works.

In case you found the software confusing or intimidating, you don’t have to worry. Our CMS system is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve got you covered whenever you want to add a new blog post, newsletter, articles, team member information, change hours, or even take control of the entire content on certain pages.

We maintain all our CMS accounts on our servers, and they are available for high speed web hosting. Don’t settle for those shared hosting packages that are rather slow, with occasional slowdowns and downtimes. Keep in mind that a slow website discourages the impatient users, and can make an impulse buyer look for another alternative; both of which result in a loss of immediate business. Market research highlights that over 50% of users will leave a webpage if it takes more than o.2 seconds to load.

Today, websites are now leading the way when it comes to sales and shopping in most markets compared to conventional brick and mortar businesses. If you sell your products and services via your website, then you need a way that allows your clients to buy conveniently, as you capture important information to be used for future marketing. Our team can help you integrate proper ecommerce solutions for your website that are easy to use, and provide your online store a wide range of options.

Why Choose US?
Besides being incredible artists, our web designers are experts at what they do – coding. They know how to craft persuasive styles that are suitable for any kind of website. We like to think outside the industry trends, and often develop trends that others want to mimic. Give us a try today!